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Compassionate Guidance for Stress-Free Estate Settlement

Settling a loved one’s estate is a deeply emotional and challenging time. At The Estate Preservation Law Firm, we offer professional guidance and personalized support to help Personal Representatives and Successor Trustees navigate this complex journey with compassion and efficiency.

Imagine sitting down with a trusted friend who is there to support you through one of life’s toughest moments. That’s what it feels like working with us. Whether you’re probating a loved one’s Will, handling an estate without a valid Will, or administering a trust, we are here to guide you every step, ensuring the estate is settled efficiently and according to your loved one’s wishes. We aim to lift some of the burdens from your shoulders during this difficult time.

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Probate Administration


With a Valid Will


Without a Valid Will

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Trust Administration


With a Funded Trust


With an Unfunded or Partially Funded Trust

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Why Is Estate Administration Important?

Estate administration, whether through probate or trust administration, is a crucial process that ensures your loved one’s wishes are honored, and their assets are managed and distributed properly. Here’s why it matters:

  • Probate Administration: This public, court-supervised process validates a Will, pays debts, and distributes assets to beneficiaries. If there is no valid Will, state laws determine the distribution of assets. Though it can seem daunting, probate protects everyone involved and ensures transparency.

  • Trust Administration: This private process manages and distributes assets in a trust, offering a flexible and efficient alternative to probate. It ensures the protection and proper transfer of assets to beneficiaries.

The Importance of Compassionate Estate Settlement

Estate administration is the final chapter of your loved one’s legacy, where all your careful planning comes to fruition. It involves thoughtful and organized management of their legal and financial affairs, making sure everything is handled as intended.

By understanding and compassionately navigating these processes, you provide a final, precious gift to your loved one and their beneficiaries—peace of mind and the smooth, respectful settlement of their estate.

At The Estate Preservation Law Firm, we’re here to help you give this gift. Let us guide you through this challenging time with care and expertise, ensuring your loved one’s legacy is honored and preserved.

Our Process

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You reach out to us to schedule your Estate Administration Sharing & Education Conversation. The fee for this conversation is $500. If you retain us to guide you on your Estate Administration Journey, this fee is applied to the legal services provided.


You complete your Estate Administration Questionnaire and collect the requested documents to bring with you to our conversation.


We meet where you are comfortable so you can share your story with us.


You determine if you need/want our guidance on your journey. Click the link below to review our Fee Schedule outlining fees for Estate Administration services.

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