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Estate Planning, Estate Administration & Elder Law

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Serving South Carolina – focusing on York, Chester and Lancaster Counties as well as the South Carolina Coast.

Achieve Peace Of Mind

Ensure that your loved ones are taken of and that your legacy is preserved for future generations with our personalized estate planning services. 

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Protect Your Assets

Ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, in the easiest and most confidential way possible.
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Provide For Family

Guide your loved ones through the burdens of estate administration during an emotional time.
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Avoid Probate

Utilize planning tools such as trusts and asset alignment strategies to ensure assets pass directly to your chosen beneficiaries.
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Preserve Your Wishes

Document your health care and end of life intentions now for when you are unable to advocate for yourself in the future.

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Our Legal Services

Estate Planning
Creating a comprehensive plan preparing for a potential incapacity or incompetency as well as distributing your assets according to your wishes at the end of life.

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Estate Administration
The legal process for concluding all financial affairs at the end of your life and distributing the assets according to the estate plan.

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Elder Law

Focused planning for Medicaid assistance specific to skilled nursing care, adult guardian and conservatorship as well as planning for individuals with special needs.

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our legal services
our legal services

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