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About The Estate Preservation Law Firm

Welcome to The Estate Preservation Law Firm, where your future and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Imagine a world where you can rest easy, knowing that the things you cherish most—your family, your assets, and your personal wishes—are protected and preserved. At The Estate Preservation Law Firm, we’re not just about drafting legal documents; we’re about crafting a personalized plan for a secure, worry-free future for you and your loved ones.

We understand that life is full of uncertainties and planning for the future can be overwhelming. Have you ever wondered how to avoid probate? Pondered who will care for your children if the unthinkable happens? Or how to ensure your assets are distributed exactly as you wish after you’re gone? Maybe you’re concerned about the well-being of a loved one with special needs or the complexities surrounding nursing home planning. These questions can keep you up at night but we’re here to help you find the answers.

At the heart of our services is a simple promise: to provide personalized estate planning services and solutions that meet your unique needs and aspirations. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you feel clear, comfortable, and confident in your decisions.

We pride ourselves on being a part of your community and understanding the local needs of South Carolina, focusing on York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties in addition to the South Carolina Coast. Our approach is warm and personal, designed to make you feel at ease as we work together to safeguard your future.

Join us at The Estate Preservation Law Firm and let’s create a future where you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing everything you value is taken care of.

Welcome to a place where your future is our priority. Welcome to The Estate Preservation Law Firm.

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Our Staff

Bridget Walker

Bridget Walker


Meet Bridget

Meet Bridget, a beacon of guidance and trust in the world of estate planning. Bridget’s journey in law began long before her graduation from Mitchell Hamline School of Law in January 2019. With a rich background spanning eighteen years as a Legal Administrator and Paralegal at a Massachusetts law firm dedicated to estate planning and elder law, Bridget brings a wealth of experience and a deep-seated passion for helping families navigate the complexities of protecting their futures.

Bridget's Story
Bridget’s story is not just about her professional accomplishments; it’s about her commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives. Over the years, she has been a guiding light for over 3,000 families, helping them through the intricate processes of estate planning, nursing home planning, and estate administration. Her dedication is not just a career—it’s a calling.

Now calling Rock Hill, SC home, Bridget cherishes life with her husband, two adult children, and the joys of being a grandmother to Teegan and Finley. Beyond her professional life, Bridget finds happiness in the simple pleasures of spending time with her family, traveling to new places, and losing herself in a good book.

Why does Bridget's story matter to you?

Because Bridget isn’t just a lawyer; she’s someone who has devoted her life to helping families like yours protect what matters most. Her approach to estate planning goes beyond the legal documents; it’s about understanding your story, your family, and your dreams for the future. With Bridget, you’re not just planning for the future; you’re protecting the legacy of your past and ensuring the security of your loved ones.

If you’re looking for someone who combines professional expertise with genuine care and understanding, Bridget is here to guide you every step of the way. Let her help you build a future that reflects your wishes, values, and the love you have for your family. Reach out today, and take the first step towards peace of mind for you and those you hold dear.

Tony Walker

Tony Walker

VP of Marketing

Meet Tony

Meet Tony, the VP of Marketing at our firm, who also doubles as our go-to IT guru and a trusted witness for client signings. But that’s not all—Tony brings a unique flair to our office as the self-proclaimed eye candy, adding a touch of humor and light-heartedness to our daily operations.

Tony’s professional journey is marked by a blend of accomplished leadership, innovative problem-solving, and a keen eye for growth opportunities. With a rich history of steering large-scale projects to success and guiding high-performing teams to exceed expectations, Tony’s approach is both strategic and intuitive. His passion for unlocking potential and driving business forward has made him an invaluable asset to our team.

Tony's Story
His expertise is not just in creating strategies but in understanding the intricate dance of global markets and the subtle nuances that define success across diverse cultures. Tony has a knack for devising innovative strategies that not only penetrate new markets but also solidify the company’s presence, expanding revenue streams in the process. His accomplishments range from reversing company downturns with a focus on innovation to spearheading global product launches that have dramatically increased market awareness.

But what truly sets Tony apart is his versatility and his global perspective. He’s not just about the big wins; he appreciates the journey, tackling each challenge with creativity and a forward-thinking mindset. His role in expanding business units globally, navigating through acquisitions, and identifying untapped markets underscores a career built on resilience and adaptability.

Beyond the impressive resume, Tony’s real joy comes from facing and overcoming challenges. His enthusiasm for solving complex business puzzles is contagious, fostering a culture of positive collaboration and innovative thinking within our team.

Why does Tony's story matter to you?
Because behind the strategies and successes is a person dedicated to making our firm not just a place to work, but a place where creativity and solutions thrive. Tony’s blend of professional expertise and playful spirit contributes to an environment that values both results and the people achieving them.

With Tony on our team, you can be confident that you’re working with a firm that’s not only serious about securing your future but does so with innovation, expertise, and a bit of fun. Get to know the difference that a leader like Tony can make in how we approach your needs and ambitions. Reach out to us today to experience the unique blend of professionalism and personality that Tony brings to the table.

Abbigail Bryson

Abbigail Bryson


Meet Abbigail

Meet Abbigail Bryson, the heartwarming paralegal at The Estate Preservation Law Firm, whose dedication to caring and helping others shines through in everything she does. Abbigail’s journey into the legal field began with her graduation from York Technical College in May 2023, armed with a paralegal degree and a passion for making a difference in the lives of those around her. It wasn’t long after her graduation that she found her place in our law firm family, bringing not only her skills but also her warmth and enthusiasm to our team.

Abbigail's Story
Abbigail’s life outside the office is as rich and vibrant as her career. She finds joy in traveling, diving into arts and crafts, and cherishing moments with her family and friends. As a wonderful mom to her almost 2-year-old son Tucker, Abbigail embodies the balance of professional dedication and personal warmth, making her not just an exceptional paralegal but also a relatable figure to those we serve.

Choosing to become a paralegal out of a love for helping others, Abbigail has quickly become a cornerstone of our firm’s welcoming atmosphere. Her warm smile greets every client, ensuring they feel supported and valued from the moment they walk through our doors. Abbigail’s eagerness to learn and embrace new challenges speaks volumes about her commitment not just to her own growth, but to the betterment of the services we provide to our clients.

Why does Abbigail's story matter to you?
Because she represents the heart and soul of our firm’s approach to estate planning and preservation. With Abbigail on your side, you’re not just navigating legal processes; you’re being taken care of by someone who genuinely wants the best for you and your family. Her passion for helping others translates into a personal, understanding approach to your legal needs, making the journey ahead not just more manageable, but also more human.

In Abbigail Bryson, you’ll find more than a paralegal; you’ll find a compassionate ally dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Reach out to us today and experience the warmth and dedication that Abbigail brings to our family here at The Estate Preservation Law Firm.

Lexi Wooten

Lexi Wooten

Legal Assistant

Meet Lexi

Meet Lexi Wooten, the dynamic legal assistant at The Estate Preservation Law Firm, whose life is a testament to her unwavering dedication to helping others. Lexi’s journey in estate planning began astonishingly early, at just fifteen years old, showcasing her deep-rooted passion for making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Today, she expertly drafts estate plans part-time for our office, bringing her extensive experience and genuine care to every document she touches.

Lexi's Story
Lexi’s academic path is equally impressive. After graduating from Lander University in 2017 with a degree in Special Education, she furthered her commitment to leadership and learning by obtaining her master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Arkansas in 2022. But Lexi’s contributions extend far beyond the walls of any institution. As a full-time special education teacher in Rock Hill, a devoted wife, and a loving mother of two small children, she embodies the spirit of service and dedication in every aspect of her life.

Outside the office and classroom, Lexi finds joy and relaxation in reading, traveling, cooking, baking, and spending leisurely days by the pool. These moments of personal fulfillment fuel her continued enthusiasm and energy for helping others, both in her professional and personal life.

Why does Lexi's story matter to you?
Because she embodies the compassionate, comprehensive approach we cherish at The Estate Preservation Law Firm. Lexi is not just a legal assistant; she’s a person who understands life’s complexities and joys. Her experience in education, her role as a mother, and her dedication to service ensure that when you’re working with Lexi, you’re supported by someone who truly gets it—someone who knows firsthand the importance of planning for the future with kindness, empathy, and expertise.

With Lexi Wooten as part of your estate planning journey, you’re not just navigating legal processes; you’re being cared for by someone who genuinely wishes to make a positive impact in every aspect of life. Reach out today to experience the dedication, warmth, and personal touch that Lexi brings to our team at The Estate Preservation Law Firm.

Our Core Values

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At the heart of our law firm’s mission is a deep-seated commitment to contributing positively to the lives of those around us. Through guiding individuals and families on their estate planning journey, we provide not just legal solutions but a path to protection and peace of mind. It’s about more than just documents and planning; it’s about ensuring that every person we meet knows they have support in navigating their future.


I believe passionately in the power of education. Understanding the intricacies of estate planning and elder law is crucial, as what we don’t know or understand can often lead us astray. With over 20 years dedicated to mastering this field, my aim is to share this knowledge widely, empowering our community to make informed decisions that protect their legacy and loved ones. Education is the key to unlocking a future where every individual feels prepared and secure.


Being a trusted guide through the often-complex journey of estate planning is a role I take to heart. Trust is the foundation of every relationship I build, ensuring that my commitment to making a difference is both genuine and effective. It’s a privilege to be counted on during some of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives, providing a sense of stability and confidence when it’s needed most.


Every interaction is approached with empathy and kindness, fostering an environment free from judgment. I recognize that each person’s situation is unique, often filled with emotional complexities. By meeting people where they are, with openness and compassion, I create a space where meaningful conversations can happen, and true understanding can flourish.

These core values are more than just words; they’re a reflection of my heart to serve. It inspires me daily, reminding us all of the importance of what we do and the impact we have. In a journey that can sometimes feel daunting, we are here to offer a guiding light—a promise that you’re not alone.

What Sets Us Apart

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Trusted Advisor

With 20+ years navigating the intricate paths of estate planning and elder law, our depth of knowledge ensures that your legacy is in capable hands.


A Judgment Free Approach

We understand that discussions about the future can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to make these conversations easier, offering support and guidance without judgment.



Whether you’re most comfortable meeting in the sanctuary of your home, our welcoming office, or the convenience of a Zoom call, we meet you where you’re comfortable.



Expectations are clearly set and met. On the rare occasion they’re not, you’ll hear it from us first, with honesty and integrity.



Every step taken, every decision made, is infused with understanding and compassion. You’re not just a client; you’re part of our family.

We Provide Personalized Service, Tailored To You

An Unwavering Dedication to Education:

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Continuous Learning

The landscape of estate planning and elder law is ever-evolving. Our commitment to ongoing education ensures we’re always at the forefront, offering you the most current and effective strategies.

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Collaborative Strength

Through our relationships with local and national like-minded professionals, we bring a collective wisdom to your doorstep, ensuring you benefit from a wealth of shared knowledge and experience.

What unique value can we bring to you and your family? Peace of mind, knowing you’re supported by a team that not only understands the complexities of estate planning but also treats you with the dignity, respect, and kindness you deserve.


Schedule Your Complimentary Sharing & Education Conversation

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